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What to Expect from LivePlan's Virtual Strategic Advising Bootcamp

[fa icon="calendar"] Wed, Aug 26, 2020 / by Nina Bamberger

LivePlan Client Advisory services Bootcamp

This year, accountants have been reminded that being nimble, lean, and adapting to change, is essential to their advisory work. Implementing these changes can feel difficult, but with the right system the work becomes scalable and profitable.

Bootcamp 2020 will highlight the LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising as a tool to continuously manage ever-evolving client needs, and how to market, sell, and deliver this vital client advisory service.

Reflecting on Bootcamp 2019


“Bootcamp was excellent. In addition to learning how to set up,use, and interpret LivePlan data, we talked a lot about how to be trusted advisors to our clients. I especially enjoyed the group exercises where we used real data to solve problems and find solutions for our clients.”

Kathy Coffman


“Professional, well structured, and packed full of great information.”

Lorilyn Wilson


Last year, a small group of brilliant accountants, who were engaged and interested in learning about strategic advising services, joined us in Eugene, Oregon for our first ever Bootcamp. This event featured 3 days of deep training and hands-on workshops that highlighted The LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising as a tool for delivering monthly client advisory services.

Attendees were sent home with valuable resources for their firm including 15 credits of CPE, the LivePlan Expert Advisor Certification, and The LivePlan Method for running advisory meetings.

Looking ahead: Bootcamp 2020

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees, we knew that Bootcamp 2020 would be our top priority. What we didn’t know is that 2020 would throw a few curveballs our way.


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” 

Albert Einstein


This year has tested us all, but it has also served as a reminder to continue being proactive, nimble, and flexible when delivering client advisory services.

Bootcamp 2020 will take place October 5-7, and virtually highlight the importance of having a scalable system in place for delivering strategic advising profitably each month. We will cover and teach you this system, known as The LivePlan Method, which incorporates a lean planning style to establish a process for marketing, selling, and delivering this vital client advisory service.

Reserve your seat at LivePlan's Bootcamp 2020

This year’s key features

The LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising Bootcamp will feature the same 3-day deep training from last year, with a new emphasis on lean planning. Reserve one of our limited seats now to access:

  • 15 CPE credits across 5+ fields of study, sponsored by the CPA Academy
  • In-depth training led by industry experts and accounting professionals
  • The LivePlan Method business process for your firm to implement
  • Packages and pricing structure for your firm
  • Leadership skills to run advisory meetings and deliver guidance effectively 
  • LivePlan Expert Advisor certification

Watch the recording of our Bootcamp Preview Q&A webinar

The day-by-day schedule with CPE






What is Lean Planning and why is it ideal for today’s advisory services?

A guided conversation on lean planning, including what the work involves and how it relates to client advisory services in public accounting. An interactive portion of the session will demonstrate the application of Lean Principles, and showcase how these ideas build to financial forecasting and performance review with clients.


Instructors: Kathy Gregory, Peter Thorsson

Field of Study: Management Services

Take-home resources: 1




LivePlan Method for Strategic Advising: process and resource guides

Attendees will learn the LivePlan Method business process for Strategic Advising.  We will cover each step, its purpose, and how it fits within the overall framework of strategic planning and workflow.  Resources include the LP Method business process checklist, 3 meeting agendas, and scripting.

Instructor: Kathy Gregory

Field of Study: Management Services

Take-home resources: 4




HOMEWORK - Capacity Planning Worksheet






Capacity Planning, Resource Allocation, Packaging, and Pricing

Includes set up of your own processes and take-home resources.


Attendees will learn the fundamentals of capacity planning and resource allocation and complete a model for their own firm.  Attendees will learn to create advisory packages and pricing for their firm and hear a tutorial on selling techniques and best practices for knowledge-based services.

Instructor: Kathy Gregory and Peter Thorsson

Field of Study: Business Management and Organization

Take-home resources: 2




Marketing Workshop: website design, SEO and email marketing

Attendees will learn how to structure their website home page for the customer journey, how to employ search engine optimization in key areas, and the role of paid media in marketing. In addition, attendees will learn how to structure email for marketing and sales.  Includes a guided review of your own firm’s homepage, plus take-home marketing resources.

Instructor: John Procopio

Field of Study: Communications and Marketing

Take-home resources: 2




EXTRACURRICULAR - after-hours virtual cocktail time






LivePlan Software: lean planning, modeling, forecasting, reporting

Attendees will learn to use LivePlan Software in accordance with LivePlan Method for Advisory Services.  All modules of LivePlan will be covered.

Instructor: Kathy Gregory and Joey O’Shaughnessy

Field of Study: Computer Software and Applications




LivePlan Method In Practice

Attendees will complete a plan and financial forecast for their own business - or they can use our sample business and work through the same exercises. This session includes group and individual practice exercises meant to apply the knowledge learned through all courses.

Instructor: Kathy Gregory and Sabrina Parsons

Field of Study: Finance Technical




Engagement and Leadership: how to guide clients, not just report

Attendees will learn how to effectively lead an advisory review meeting, and how to grow the engagement over time.  Learn to be the type of partner and guide that small business clients are looking for.  Includes take-home engagement resources to use with clients.

Instructor: Sabrina Parsons and Trevor Betenson

Field of Study: Personal Development

Take-home resources: 1




The LivePlan Method has transformed the way accountants are thinking about advisory services. Join us from anywhere for this virtual experience taking place on October 5-7, and learn how to market, sell, and deliver strategic advising as a vital client advisory service.

Reserve your seat at LivePlan's Bootcamp 2020 For information on pricing, including our early bird discount (valid through 9/10/20), please visit our registration page.

Nina Bamberger Palo Alto Software

Nina Bamberger

Nina is a Business Development Specialist at Palo Alto Software. Her recent work has included strategic writing, Data management, social media campaign management, and collaboration on strategic partnerships. She recently graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020.

Topics: Business Process for Advisory , Working with Clients , Advice for Your Practice

Content, tips and best practice for accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers who offer Strategic Advising Services to small business clients.

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